Tuesday, February 17, 2015

How to build a pinboard!

When I decided I wanted some oversized pinboards above my desk, I didn't have in mind a boring pine-framed option! I already had two large poster frames in white sitting around, so I decided to turn them into the pinboards instead. This is a pretty easy project that's a great way to turn an old frame into something useful!

Here's what I started with;

- The backing board from the frame
- Liquid nails (you can use construction glue or even PVC here, but liquid nails dries quickly, making it easier to stick the tiles down)
- Cork tiles (available at Bunnings)
- A ruler, pencil and stanley knife

I decided I wanted to create a pattern with my cork tiles, since the joins are visible when finished. I worked off a diamond pattern, by marking out the centre of the board first.

I used this as a guide to lay my first tile. You may find they vary slightly in size but I just pushed them together as neatly as possible. You can lay out your pattern first if you prefer, but I started gluing down each tile as I went.

When you get to the edges, simply use the ruler to mark the edge of the board, and cut with a stanley knife.

Eventually you will end up with your board completely covered in tiles...

You may find the tiles are quite stuck solidly yet, so I popped it into the frame while it dried overnight.

When it completely dried, I placed it correctly into the frame using the existing metal foldable pieces. I found they were a little short, considering the tiles are thicker than glass, but they managed to fit over properly. I do have to be gentle when pinning near the edges to make sure my backing board doesn't pop out, but I haven't had too many troubles.

I loved the way they turned out; the white frames are much more attractive than the standard pineboards you can buy from office stores!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Inspiration Pin Boards for the New Office

I know I've been a bit slow on the posting front recently! Between moving house, Christmas and then a holiday, I haven't had the chance. The new house is finally (slowly!) coming together now, and one area I was dying to get my hands on was my new office.

I already had a rug planned, but needed a simple, modern desk and some large pinboards. With a few DIY projects I managed to get exactly what I wanted!

The first step was finding a simple, contemporary desk. I'm planning on a pedestal to slide underneath for extra storage, and to hide pesky cords. I didn't want to spend a fortune on a desk when I wasn't sure this was going to be the long term configuration of my office, so I had a hunt for an affordable desk in the size I needed.

Ikea has some fun leg and table top options, but being impatient I wanted to find something locally first. Officeworks has this contemporary 'Contour Loop Desk' in bright chrome legs. 

I wasn't a fan of the super shiny chrome, so with a few coats of gold spraypaint I got a slightly softer, more glamorous look. I've spent a fair bit of time looking for the perfect warm gold spraypaint, without it being too brown. The only one worth using is White Knight's Super Gold.

I'll share how I made the pinboards later this week for you as well!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

A contemporary Scandi inspired living space

I've been working with a lovely client who is just outside the Townsville area. We have been combining some in-person meetings with my online 'Design Kits' to help her with her renovations. I recently put together her living room plan.

My aim was to create a room that felt family-friendly yet sophisticated. It needed to use a soft, layered colour palette and plenty of timber. The space is to have soft greeny-grey walls and natural timber architraves.

I used a softly patterned geometric rug to bring together all the colours in the space, along with furniture with clean lines and an organic feel. Some stunning art and a gallery of family photos should finish off the space beautifully, along with some luxurious cushions and a dramatic indoor plant.

Are you doing any renovation or decorating projects this Christmas?

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

A beautiful luncheon in Townsville

A few weeks ago I attended the Women of Achievement luncheon. I was honoured when host Kylie Bartlett (from Kim Bartlett Master Jewellers) asked me to be on a panel of other women who were changing the traditional work structure, by shaking up the concept of a traditional 9-to-5 office job and had become self employed.

The event is a fabulous three course lunch served by my favourite restaurant A Touch of Salt restaurant in Townsville. The lunch included a variety of speakers and panels and is designed to offer local women the opportunity to be inspired by others stories.

Kailis Jewellery were an event sponsor, and had beautiful jewellery on the tables for women to try on and look at.

The beautiful centerpieces were designed by the gorgeous Anitra from Flourish (we sat together - pic below!). Her work is seriously gorgeous - make sure you visit her stall at Otto's Food Market! 

Skye from Sky Foundation, a local charity which is doing incredible work supporting the Townsville Women's Centre.

I shared a panel with these gorgeous ladies, Lisa from PeaceStarlight, Dana from Dana Zolli Makeup Artist and Anitra from Flourish.

Another sponsor was The Milk Bar Candle Company which has these gorgeous candles. I was lucky enough to win some at another event and can tell you they smell amazing!

It was a great way to spend the afternoon with some incredible local ladies, and I feel very grateful to have been involved. Looking forward to next year's event!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Traditional meets Modern Living Room

I've had some amazing clients recently. A lovely new family are working with me to select the furniture and accessories for the new home they are building. They love stores like Pottery Barn, with that warm and inviting transitional style.

Transitional style is a contemporary take on a classic look. It features lots of traditional elements like warm colours, embroidered fabrics, timber furniture, floral and nature inspired prints but has cleaner lines and a simpler feel.

We worked with their existing lounge suit, dining set and buffet and added a large rug, some artwork and accessories to soften the space and create that modern meets traditional feel. I can't wait to see this space when the house is built and the furniture is in place, and will be sure to share photos when everything is finished!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

My shiny new kitchen (and how I organised it)

Well we have finally moved into our new home (less than two weeks ago). It's been incredibly exciting seeing it all come together, and finally unpack all my favourite things. One of my favourite spaces in the new house is the kitchen.

We chose a galley design to fit into the open plan living and dining area. It's quite a change from our old u-shaped, eat-in kitchen (which was enormous) and I spent a fair bit of time planning the layout here to make sure everything would fit. 

The dining table is directly next to the kitchen, so rather than having space for stools (a decision I agonised over) I chose to add shallow cupboards along the front. Honestly this was a lifesaver for us. I use it them for candleholders, vases and all the other accessories I have collected over time - granted I probably have more vases than the average person!

I love drawers, so all of the base cabinets are staggered drawers, with some narrow upper cabinets for extra storage. We have a slide-out rangehood (Smeg), an induction cooktop (Baumatic) and an electric oven (Smeg).

I decided on a single bowl sink, since we have a dishwasher. I probably analysed every single bowl currently available in Australia though, to get something with my desired width and depth! This turned out to be one of the least expensive options; the Abey single bowl sink which I bought from Bunnings.

We also added a built-in pantry which contains a broom cupboard, and lots of narrow shelves for storage. It always suprises me how much of a pantry is taken up with items that aren't food. We have cook books, tea towels, cleaning supplies, oversized platters, candles, mosquito coils, appliances and much more in here.

Deciding what would fit into the drawers was the biggest challenge - moving from a large kitchen to a much smaller one required some planning! That said, I'm sure I still have way too much stuff, but I like cooking and entertaining so I tend to collect things.

The brilliant thing about drawers is being able to see everything clearly. With soft close drawers you don't need to worry about things rolling around too much either. I added grip mats to the drawer for glasses and utensils, but everything else is fine so far.
We have an integrated dishwasher, so the last cupboard you can see after the sink cupboard is the dishwasher. Last time I was at Ikea I also picked up a few organisers.

The plate holders are brilliant - they stop things sliding around in the drawers and also means you can lift out the whole stack to put them on the table for casual dining. I also picked up some Variera Spice Holders and the rest are stored in those little jars. I actually picked those up at the local discount store, but Ikea stocks some similar

I hate having knives out on the bench so the in-drawer tray has been handy. We have a standard cutlery drawer supplied by our cabinetmaker, but I also picked up a set of Rationell drawer dividers for the other drawers. Unfortunately they don't fit, but I'm going to have a play to see if I can make them work.

Another favourite is the Variera pot lid organiser. It's great in the deeper drawers to hold frypans and lids, making it all easy access.

We've only just moved in, so I'll probably add some 'pretties' as time goes by, but I'm thoroughly enjoying cooking at the moment!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

A recent display home project

Recently I've had the pleasure of working with Bauer Constructions, designing their new display home and helping their clients. They have been a pleasure to work with, and the display home is well worth visiting!

We still have a few more photos to take, but here's an update to tempt you out to Sanctum Estate...

Make sure you go and visit Quinn and Janna - the care they take to ensure a beautiful finished result is wonderful to see, and the home has some gorgeous features to check out!



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