Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Pretty Vignettes

One of my favourite things to do when I'm bored with nothing to do (which unfortunately isn't often enough!) is to pull everything off the surfaces in my house, pull out my boxes of vases and knick knacks and re-arrange everything.

The other day I created a Pinterest board for vignette that caught my eye and here are a few of my favourites so far...

All vignettes via my Pinterest here.

Oh, and I might link this up to Natasha's Pinning & Singing weekend!

5 Minutes Just For Me


  1. Thanks so much for linking up this post to my Pinning and Singing party! I am in love with these gorgeous vignettes too. I'll be pinning them ASAP!

    Best wishes,

    PS I just sent you email about my blog post!

  2. Hello Anna

    Lovely site and I have now joined.

    I am go glad I have stumbled across your site as I know I will returning and commenting often.

    North Queensland will be very blessed to have you as a designer



  3. wow, these are great inspiration, they look so casual, and not planned, or stuffy at all.

  4. Love that picture with the orange and turquoise. One of my favorite color combos (:

  5. Hello again Anna

    I am following my instructions :) and just letting you know like a good girl - I am visibly following you and letting you know I came by from Natasha's blog (5 minutes).
    I will be facebooking later

    A great post on natasha's too - well done

    have a happy day


  6. Wow i am really glad i found your blog through 5 minutes just for me i am now going to enter the comp for your fab kit because if you go to my blog you will see what decisions i have to make Eeekk and this will so come in handy LOL ! thanks for a great idea off to post about you two on my blog xx


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