Friday, October 7, 2011

Traditional Queenslander homes

As a bit of a follow-on from my post yesterday I wanted to introduce you all to the builder I work very closely with, Garth Chapman Queenslanders. 

Garth Chapman's is a building company owned by...Garth Chapman (imagine that!). Garth was born in Ingham and grew up in our beloved Queenslanders. When he became a builder he set out to re-create our beautiful architectural style in an effort to give people that classic look, with modern conveniences and lower maitenance requirements.

For those of you who don't know, or haven't grown up in Queensland, the Queenslander homes were designed to meet the demands of the tropical weather. Deep verandahs shaded the walls to keep the rooms cool, and a steep-pitched iron roof helps prevent the roof flying off in a tropical cyclone. Homes were built off the ground to catch the breezes and to protect the house in flood-prone areas. Decorative 'window hoods' were added to windows that weren't protected by verandahs and the lovely timber casement windows were designed to be thrown back to catch every breeze available.

While many people still love the original charm of the old Queenslanders (myself included), the beauty of building new is, not only can you take advantage of modern building products to lower the maitenance of the home, you can also design it exactly the way you choose - imagine, no more poky rooms, or funny closed-off verandahs! With modern insulation and materials, these homes are now beautiful to live in, even in cooler climates, and Garth Chapman's build all over Australia.

I work with Garth Chapman Queenslanders, helping clients design their homes (in terms of the exterior style and the floor plan) and take them through the whole process of designing and choosing their selections. It's a fun job and it's made even better by the fact that these homes are really beautiful to work with.

And I have reason to really appreciate these homes, having grown up in them! This is the home my talented Mum designed and built with Garth Chapman Queenslanders.

She now lives in another one she built, which is equally gorgeous. Mum's style is classic 'Traditional Queenslander' with lots of warm timber and blues, green and red tones, along with the classic clawfoot bath!

So, what do you think? Would you like to live in a new, traditional Queenslander? Or do you prefer the originals?

If you would like more information about Garth Chapman Queenslanders feel free to send me an email at or ask me a question in the comments - I'm happy to answer all that I can and I promise to be brutally honest if required!


  1. Hello Anna

    Wow these are gorgeous photos - I have always viewed queenslanders from afar and admired them so.

    I think it would have to be a modern version of the original for me Anna.

    thank you for showing me some of those - he is a talented builder.

    have a wonderful day

    x Loulou

  2. I love Queenslanders too but my husband grew up in one here in Brisbane and swore he would never live in one again after he moved out...I think he's right as there would be way too much maintenance for my non-handyman hubby!

    Best wishes and happy weekend!

  3. Wow! Great pictures, I am a sucker for a good weatherboard :)

  4. Hi,
    I am very much satisfied by this post.
    thanks you.
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  5. Hi Anna, looking at the Qldr at the top of this page which is just beautiful. Is it possible for you to tell me the paint colours that were used on the exterior walls and railings. It would be much appreciated. Thank you. Tracey

  6. Hi Tracy! I didn't choose the colours for that house but at a glance I would say that using Colorbond colours would get a very similar look; Colorbond Surfmist for roofing and exterior walls and try Colorbond Ironstone or Monument to get a dark guttering.


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