Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Budget Cushion Roundup on Etsy

So, with all the decorating coming up I need some beautiful cushions in every shade from black, white and grey to mustard yellow, orange, emerald green and all shades of blue. Here's some of my favourites for less than $25 on

The multi-coloured

Botanical Print from PillowPeels
The oranges and yellows
Cute mid-century print (set of 2) from CoupleHome
Fabulous moroccan mustard from MasonMoonBeam.

Pretty Camelia pattern from CoupleHome.
Orange and brown floral from milkandcookiesCanada.
The black, white and greys

Bold suzani (set of 2) from MasonMoonbeam.
Mismatched grey and blacks from milkandcookiesCanada.

Some more black and whites from milkandcookiesCanada.

Grey and white trellis from nenavon.

Grey ikat from SilkWay.

 The greens and blues
Gorgeous green waverly pattern from bluewarehouse75 

Bright blue geometrics from cottagepixie.
Green and blue bars from norajane.

Blue lattice from PillowPeels.

Green trellis from PillowPeels.

Lime green ikat-style fabric from PillowThrowDecor.

Navy blue suzani from thislittlehome.

Peacock patterns in blue and green from ArtisticCotton. .
Peacock colours from rubystella.

Blue trellis from milkandcookiesCanada.

Lime green chevron from milkandcookiesCanada.

Green geometrics from milkandcookiesCanada.

Navy blue moroccan patterns from PersnicketyHome.

Obviously I have a small problems with cushions, and bold geometric prints. Maybe I can start a cushion museum...

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Jewel-toned Peacock-Inspired Bedroom

How fabulous does that sound?! To satisfy my love for peacock-style colours such as navy, turquoise, inky blue, emerald and limey-yellowy green I decided to use these for my bedroom.

So...the inspiration...
(Sources coming soon)

And, the resulting moodboard...

And now, the breakdown! I already have white walls with a tinge of grey, and hardwood timber floors so they aren't going to change.

I've already bought white eyelet curtains so I don't want to buy new ones but, they don't reach the floor which drives me crazy! So I'm going to buy some deep navy fabric and run a trim along the edge and along the bottom to bring them down to puddle on the floor.

My existing DIY headboard will be upholstered in inky-blue velvet (and maybe button tufted?) and the bed made with crisp white bedding and colourful patterned cushions. Throw on a graphic quilt.

Add some skinny black bedside tables (it's a small bedroom) topped with a bright and colourful lamp and a few accessories.

I already have a gorgeous antique timber dresser so that will stay, topped with a glossy white ornate mirror and some pretty boxes for jewellery storage.

The only thing I need to decide now is whether to keep my black and white striped rug, and look for a gorgeous graphic navy rug, similar to the one in the inspiration board.

Decisions, decisions....

[Check our another peacock inspired palette here]

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Living Room Accent Colours

So I created some colour palettes on the computer to try and work an accent colour that adds a bit of a pop to navy, grey, mustard yellow, black and white (see the original moodboard and colours here.)

The contenders are...soft nude-pink colour, deep pinky-red, turquoise or aqua, jade green or eggplant.

And the winner is....pinky red!

So, I've ended up with what are essentially primary colours with a twist, and it's pretty hard to find any rooms that are blue, red and yellow (which aren't preschool centres).

All images from

Monday, March 14, 2011

Living Room - Mustard, Navy, Grey

We are in the process of painting our living space and it was very exciting to see the yellow walls disappear. I am working with what we already have and want to create a colourful, fun space with a hint of metallic.

So, what do I already have? A navy blue sofa with modern lines and high arms; a mustard yellow vintage sofa and two armchairs, two timber armed chairs with black and white moroccan-inspired print and a white and chrome coffee table with very clean lines.

So, obviously not all of those chairs are going in the same room. I think the two yellow armchairs were be moved downstairs, and hopefully I'll have enough space for the rest.

The colours? Well, I am starting with the navy blue and mustard yellow (a difficult combination to find used, but gorgeous when it is used well). I always throw in a bit of black and white, and I think I want to add grey.

I'm working with a little help from my inspiration board...

And I've chosen this wall colour...

Dulux Tranquil Retreat

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Display Home - Progress Shots

The display home is almost finished! (You can see my inspiration and  ideas here, here and here.) The furniture is in, the art is up. Just some minor accessories to go in now. Please excuse the quality - professional photos are coming soon.


Monday, March 7, 2011

White & grey kitchens

Once we have finished painting our walls the next job will be the kitchen cabinets. So I thought I'd share some pretty grey and white kitchens...

All images from


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