Thursday, June 30, 2011

Making a bright entrance...

Something I absolutely adore, but don't think I've ever seen in my city is...brightly painted entrance doors! 

And it's not that we don't have the houses to suit it; our traditional Queenslanders are beautiful homes that would look just stunning with a splash of colour. A client at the moment wants a simple charcoal grey and white exterior for her new home (built in the traditional Queenslander style), but since she loves purple I've suggested a fun front door!

Purple front door with white exterior walls
Found here via Tiny White Daises blog (here).
Coral pink front door in a cottage style with grey shingle exterior walls.
Found here.
Hot pink front door. Exterior Paint Colour Scheme.
Found here via {inside the loop} blog (here).
Traditional front door painted fluoro orange with white walls and industrial exterior lighting.
Found here via portfolio of Peden + Munk.
Apple green front door with white trim and charcoal gray exterior walls.
Found on pinterest here, originally here.
 Above home built by Mueller Nichols Builders and designed by Jack Backus Architects
Light pink cottage front door with white exterior walls and aqua shutters.
Found on pinterest here, originally here.
Dark purple front door in a traditional style with charcoal grey brick walls and white trim.
Found on pinterest here.
Contemporary glossy red and glass front door with light grey walls.
Designed by Ana Williamson Architects. Found on pinterest here, originally from here.
Orange front door with grey exterior walls.
Found here.
Contemporary red painted front door with dark grey walls and stone landscaping.
Photograph by STLModern. On pinterest here.
_ _ _ _ _ _

So my clients are having off-white walls and charcoal grey guttering and handrails. Their home will look a little like this (but with only white 'rotunda' or hexagonal verandah).

From Garth Chapman Queenslanders.
They will have black 'coach lights' on either side of the front door, and I've suggested she have the door painted her favourite colour: eggplant purple!

Dulux Noblesse (in Gloss Enamel).

It's not quite as bold as some of the others but I think it will look stunning all the same! I know everyone in blog land loves coloured front doors, but what colour would you (or did already) choose??

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Lighting Up A Coastal Kitchen

Jean Philippe Piter Photography. Found here.
The clients I'm working on at the moment (see my inspiration for them here) aren't going to have a dining table, and instead are having a large island for eating at. I've suggested that rather than just having downlights, we put some pendants over the island. Since one of her inspiration pieces (from her existing furniture) was a wicker floor lamp, I thought that a wicker lamp not only is perfect for the tropical/coastal/Bali theme we are working with, but also ties in well with one of her favourite pieces.

House & Garden Magazine.
House & Garden Magazine.
Originally from Real Living magazine. Can see image here.

Real Living Magazine.

This might also be from Real Living magazine. I can't find a source though.

Stanic Harding Architects.

Stanic Harding Architects.

If you're looking for your own have a look here:
- Freedom
- Mercator Lighting
- Telbix Lighting
- Beacon Lighting

Monday, June 27, 2011

Colour Palette: Moody Blacks & Blues with a splash of Yellow

It was raining today so this image seemed appropriate for the early week (because I'm too disorganised to do this on one particular day, it must remain as an 'early week') colour palette.

Inspiration image found here via my pinterest.

Found here.

Found here.

Found here.
Kate Spade's guest bedroom. Found here.
Metropolitan Homes Magazine.

Michelle Adams. Via Lonny magazine.
Designer Philippe Galanes. Found here.

Designer Greg Natale.

Found here.

Belle magazine. Oct/Nov 2009.

Found here.

Found here.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Tropical 'Bali' Style Home

I am working with a client at the moment who has purchased one my Design Kits for all the selections for a new home. She is building a large traditional Queenslander but wants a Bali-style tropical living feel to the home. This style is very popular in North Queensland, partly due to the enormous availability of such furniture (due to our proximity to Bali and South-East Asia) but also due to the similarity in our lifestyles and environment (long summers, no winter, high heat and humidity). This client also likes natural textures and colours and bold contrast colours.

It suprised me how difficult it was to find photographs of well-done tropical homes with that touch of Bali, but here a few that stood out.

Found here.

Adeeni Design Group. Found here.

Harrell Remodeling. Found here.

Jean Philippe Piter Photography. Found here.

Designer Sarah Henry Design. Found here.
Found here.

Found here.

Via HGTV. Found here.

Found here.

Found here.

Found here.

House & Garden magazine.

House & Garden Magazine.

Kitchen & Bathrooms magazine (Vol 14)

Found here.
Designer Samantha Pynn.

Designer Carrier and Company.


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