Thursday, July 28, 2011

A Classic Coastal Bedroom with a Modern Twist

I love some of the beautiful homes being featured in magazines at the moment, in coastal areas with classic furnishings and bold, contemporary fabrics and accessories. 

Cue inspiration...
Sources from top right, Clockwise: Mix & Chic, Spicer + Bank, The Lennoxx, The Enchanted Home, Southern Exposure and Country House Design.
And the moodboard (which uses only Australian sources, and Australian artists)...

It all started with these beautiful fabrics by Australian boutique design company, Cloth Australia and some beautiful accessories from Ada & Darcy.

(By the way, you can click on my moodboards to make them much larger).

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Feature Home: A Sydney Stylist's Home

Real Living recently featured a fun home from a Sydney stylish. Despite some great ideas, what I really loved was the fact that before she got her hands on it, it was just a regular builder's basic home with beige walls and floor tiles. It now looks like an personality-filled, soulful home which you would never realise started it's life as boring beige!

What do you think now?

Photos can be found here.

Monday, July 25, 2011

"The Block" - Master Bedroom & Ensuite Design

This week on the Block the contestants had the renovate the master bathroom and ensuite in a week. I think you can really see all the couple's skills and design ideas improving and this week they were presented some of the best rooms yet.

Katrina & Amie's Bathroom & Master Bedroom
(Love the touches of pink and the fact they put a bath in the ensuite.)

Polly & Waz.
(Love the storage for a small room and the styling on the bookshelves are gorgeous.)

Rod & Tania
(See the shower with black glass instead of tiles)

Josh & Jenna
(Love the headboard and bedding, and look at that wet area in the ensuite!)

So, who would you choose?

*Update: In case you were wondering, Josh & Jenna won both the first bedroom challenge and the second bedroom challenge, and Rod & Tania won the main bathroom challenge.*

Sunday, July 24, 2011

A feminine influence...

You know those homes, those rooms that you look at and you just know that a woman lives there? A woman who lives there without a male influence? Those rooms that you can imagine men cringing as they went to sit down on a velvet, beautifully leggy chair? Those rooms with the softest touches of pastels, luxurious fabrics and lashings of metallic?

Well they are very pretty to look at...
Via Decorology.
Designer Windsor Smith. Found via House Beautiful.
Dressing room of Aerin Lauder. Found via Allumer Decor.
Designer Hillary Thomas. Found via Cococozy.

Dining room of Jennifer Lopez. Found via Shelter Pop.

Living room of Jennifer Lopez. Found via Shelter Pop.
Bedroom of Jennifer Lopez. Found via Shelter Pop.

Designer Ruthie Summers (originally seen in House Beautiful 2005). Found via Style Court.

Designer Irene Langlois. Found here.

Designer Phoebe Howard.

Found via Brunch at Saks.

Via Rue Magazine. Found via Decorology.

So what do you think? Do you need a little more feminine glamour in your life?

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Designing a room around art...

I love starting a room design from a piece of art the owner loves. I guess I have a stronger appreciation of art because of my association with it through my Mum.

A few months ago she finished this piece...

Artist Sue Tilley.

This beautiful tutu is life-size, made from chicken wire and is suprisingly delicate, elegant and beautiful. Here, is it photographed on the floor but it looks beautiful on a stand. 

I am so amazed that nobody has snapped this piece up yet and thought I'd design a dining room with a vintage, ecclectic vibe (although it would look beautiful anywhere, from traditional living room to a modern loft).

So, future buyer, I'm imagining you love ecclectic art and pieces and have a dining room with a beat-up farmhouse table and a fabulous vintage card file or similar. You might even have some other cool sculpture pieces like the Devotion sculpture (on the buffet).

The tutu would look amazing highlighted with a few spotlights against black walls, and I love the idea of glamorous modern Ghost Chairs around the table, all accented with a fluffy feather pendant (to play off the whole ballet/black swan vibe).

An alternative would be a lighter, more industrial grey colour on the walls with sleek modern black pendants (hung in a cool grouping of course). Pair them with Harry Bertoia chairs to work with the delicate wire highlighted in the sculpture.

Last but not least, keep is simple with white walls and these sculptural white pendants, and bring in the relaxed industrial vibe with some galvanised Tolix chairs.

Oh, and those black and prints on the back wall are sketches of dancers to play up the ballet theme and can be found at BalletArt shop on Etsy. 

Maybe if nobody buys it...I can keep it for myself?

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

"The Block" - Bathrooms & Laundries

The last 'room reveal' on the Block show was the contestants bathrooms and laundries. Can you believe they had to fully renovate, install and style a bathroom and a laundry in a week?

To give you an idea, this is what most of the rooms looked like when they moved in...

And the reveal...

Josh & Jenna

Katrina & Amie

Polly & Waz

Rod & Tania
The judges this week chose Rod & Tania but I have to say that I liked Katrina & Amie's bathroom. Rod & Tania's was very stylish and modern but I would always prefer more storage in a bathroom (although that's a more personal thing). The floating vanity does make the bathroom feel much bigger, which is a great idea for a small space.

Polly & Waz had a fantastic idea for a small laundry - adding a drying rail above the sink. This is a great idea for drip drying delicate pieces. I also thought their bathroom had a bit of a retro feel to it, which goes well with their last bedroom.

I like the ecclectic style Katrina & Amie have given their bathroom with the flowers and checked towels. And although I wasn't a huge fan of the tiles I think they work well with the rest of the room.

I also loved the simplicity of Josh & Jenna's bathroom and the gorgeous sink!

Who would you choose?

Overall though I did feel the laundry for all of the couples could have been more exciting, especially since they are the first room you see before you reach the bathroom. There are so many gorgeous laundry rooms around now, and why not make a boring job more fun with something pretty to look at?

Pinterest via Design Sponge.


Pinterest via My Home Ideas.

Pinterest via Home and Harmony.

Pinterest via Poppies at Play.

Pinterest via The Mustard Ceiling.

Pinterest via Houzz.

Pinterest via We Heart It.


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