Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Coloured curtains...Love it or not?

I really love the trend toward more creative curtain concepts at the white. White sheers are beautiful but sometimes it is nice to see something more dramatic and colourful. While most are using trim or patterned bands to take their curtains to the next level, there's something to be said for bold colour. What do you think of these examples?

Sloan Mauran Interior Design. Featured in House & Home January 2010.

Fawn Galli Interior Design

Designer unknown. Found at Amber Interior Design blog.

Designed by Angie Hranowsky.

Designed by Windsor Smith.

Design by Martensen Jones Interiors.

Designer unknown. Found at Eclectic Revisited blog.

Designer: Sabrina Linn. Featured in House & Home.

I'm considering navy blue for my living room; would you go bold with your curtains?

Anna xx


  1. Spectacular pictures!!!I loove the pink curtains..!!xoxo

  2. These colorful window treatments add a real punch to the space. Dramatic drapes like these were so big in the 70's and 80's and are now back in full swing! I remember my mother had floor to ceiling peach colored drapes in her traditional dining room. They were so beautiful, but went out of favor for a number of years. I'm glad to see this trend come back!

  3. I'm a fan of coloured curtains! So I vote for it!

  4. These look great but I imagining some people getting it all wrong haha!

  5. Oh I say go for it! These are such inspiring examples of it done right :)

    Abbey x

  6. I'm a fan - if done right they can really add the finishing touch to a room :)

  7. That's a big ol' resounding YES! I love a bold curtain...that room with the pink ones is so fabulous...if only the hubby wouldn't *freak* out if I pulled something like that on him...(c:

  8. I absolutely would! Just recommended navy velvet curtains for a client's tv room. I love color at the windows, and especially those pink ones!

  9. I've always chosen whites and neutrals in the past, but I do love the look of bold coloured curtains. Go for it!

  10. Hi Anna,
    I love the orange in the last image - really striking!
    I think if my place were a little bigger I'd go some colour - I think it'd close my already tiny unit in even more.
    Navy for a living space would be lovely though! Jx

  11. Love colored curtains! I think they frame a room!

  12. Love it! But would never do it in my own home *shy* I am too much of a chickensh|t and like to always play it safe :)

    Wish I was braver ....


  13. I love all of these!! I have some dark pink panels I'm debating for my breakfast room...trying to decide if it's overkill. Pinning these! :)

  14. I am certainly a bold curtain girl!

    Naturally I am drawn to the orange ones, but the Pink and green ones are fantastic too!

  15. like all the look so beautiful in different colours..I really like it.
    Roman shades concord, ca


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