Saturday, February 11, 2012

A little light purchase!

So I've been staring at the fluoro in my kitchen for so long, and then just a couple of weeks ago, I decided that was enough. I wanted a real light! 

I spotted a nice option at Bunnings actually; a three arm chandelier/pendant with chrome, a glass centerpiece and white fabric shades. It was lovely but felt not quite right.

After a while I had the thought to search eBay, spotted this and bought it! Hopefully it arrives soon - can't wait!

So, why do I like it?

1) It's from a similar era to the house so hopefully it will feel 'original'.
2) It is big - bigger than I could afford to buy a new one in the style I wanted.
3) It's unique - look at those cool branches and leaves!

Now once I'm still trying to decide whether to keep it silver or spray paint it. Options could include charcoal grey (this is high on the option list), white or even an antique gold.

Votes, anyone?

Anna xx


  1. Love a bargin.
    I am a shocker at visualizing so I am no help.

  2. Gee I would try charcoal grey or my favourite, white. As it will probably need to be undercoated in white you will get to see how the white would look first. The white is timeless and will not need to be changed if you feel like adding some splashes of other colours to the room. So I vote white 1st and grey 2nd. Good luck.x

  3. It's a lovely piece, Anna. The details in the metalwork are just gorgeous. I am definitely imagining it in a charcoal grey. Would you consider changing the shades to modernize it a little?

  4. LOve it! Particularly the fact that it will suit the age of the room and the branch arms are really unique! I'd hang it and wait until the 'right' colour is obvious. You may find that it's perfect as is!
    x KL

  5. I love the idea that it is the same era as the house. I agree with may be perfect as is.

  6. Fun! It's amazing how a new light fixture can change a room. I'm liking the idea of the charcoal gray ... and the good news is that you could always spray paint it a different color!

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