Thursday, February 9, 2012

A patterned bedroom - bedspread inspiration

So, every inspirational bedroom I have ever saved which I loved for my own house had white quilt covers with a couple of patterned cushions. I liked the simplicity, the classic style and the ability to change the accessories and colours on a whim.

However I have encountered an issue with white quilt covers on my bed...

Those two like to sleep here...

Spoilt, I know!

So, the issue is that white gets easily dirty, and while small indoor pups are very clean, they have yet to learn to wipe their feet properly before jumping on the bed.

I have concluded I need to find a non-white quilt, something darker coloured and maybe a pattern.

Recently there is no shortage of inspiration for patterned quilt covers...

Featured in Rue Mag.

Featured in Rue Mag.

Designed by Jeffrey Bilhuber. Found via Decorpad.

Serena & Lily bedding. Found via gingerbread monkeys.

Designed by Lindsey Coral Harper. Found via La Dolce Vita.

Bedding by Jonathan Adler.

The problem is most of these still have a lot of white. I think I will have to train myself away and search for something darker!

Any suggestions?

Anna xx


  1. Ι believe that white linens are very beautiful but only for pictures! In every day life I would never use it! I have a little dog myself and two little children. I prefer either something darker or something patterned. Hope it helped!

  2. I have the same problem! I just try not to let it bother me too much as no one else goes in the bedroom. It's more annoying for me when I put on my white sofa cover and Molly then jumps on it with dirty feet, or wipes her face on it after dinner! Naughty girl.
    Just go the pattern route or maybe a nice darker linen?
    Ps your furry kids are adorable!!

  3. Oh I love that first one....perfect compromise x

  4. Same predicament here Anna. I like light coloured bed covers and have learnt to wash frequently even though my little pooch is super clean she still leaves the odd grubby patch. I don't go for plain white though as that would be constant laundering!
    Last winter I bought a Laura Ashley patterned quilt cover in pale gold, grey and cream and this worked a treat.

  5. I just bought a pretty duvet cover from West Elm that is mostly white and I can't bring myself to put it on our bed. Our black lab mix sleeps on the bed and I just can't bear to ruin it. I think I may layer on a fur coverlet - I know she'll be drawn to that and it will hide everything! Good luck!

  6. have you considered something more for neutral and brown?

  7. I like my kitty cat to sleep on his own towel and thermal bed - you could maybe let the dogs sleep on their own blankie?? ;-))

  8. I like the quilt cover in the last photo <3

    Anna, would you happen to know where in Australia to buy the type of lams that are in your first bedroom photo?



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