Friday, March 16, 2012

My Living Room Ideas

I'm currently in the process of undercoating this delightful room at my house which is to be my little living room...

Back bedroom.

Back bedroom

Now, here is where I suddenly got stuck. For a very, very long time I have been searching for inspiration for navy and mustard yellow spaces. Why? Well, apart from liking the scheme, I had a navy sofa and mustard yellow vintage armchairs...

So, what is now wrong with this idea? Well, the navy sofa has to go downstairs as it is too big for the small upstairs living room. I bought a different sofa for upstairs, with a smaller footprint and skinny slope arms. I automatically decided I would upholster it in navy (the old navy sofa pictured here will be grey). I like navy with yellow.

That was fine, until I noticed the armchairs were getting a bit damaged and could probably do with a reupholster job themselves. And then I realised... I could completely change the colour scheme of the entire room and choose something entirely new and different.

But wow, what to do!? Colour schemes I've loved but never thought I could use started running through my head...coral, teal, charcoal, yellow, kelly green.

Of course, I don't need to decide yet...I haven't even painted the room. Although, then again, it's hard to choose a paint colour without some idea of where the room is heading.

Back to my inspiration board I think!


  1. Decisions decisions! It's difficult, isn't it? I always stick with my favourites and add in colour I'm not sure about in smaller accessories. Have fun choosing!

  2. I was imagining our spare bedroom (not even started yet though) to be heading in one colour direction and all it took was one picture of a room with kelly green accents and I did a complete backflip on what I planned to do in there - you never now when inspiration will strike!

  3. I vote Kelly green too! Have fun ; )

  4. Picking a colour scheme from scratch seems like it would be easy...but it's tough! Perhaps do what Sarah Richardson does and find a piece of furniture/fabric/art that inspires you and build the scheme around it. Also, I must ask, what timber and floor-board type are your floors? They are beautiful!

    1. I'm afraid I don't know! I've done some research into the types of timber floors commonly used when the house was built but can't find any information. I think I need a timber expert to come and look at them!

  5. It is harder to pick colours from scratch and have tried a few times but always ended up going back to blue as a base and like you have a navy sofa. Good luck with it. By the way love that window, I personally could see that going well with whites and blues. G


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