Thursday, May 10, 2012

Eclectic collected spaces

There is something so individual about each of the spaces below. By turns, eclectic, colourful, relaxed and elegant, the one common factor is that each is unique. While many of these spaces may be a little too eclectic for some of us, there is certainly a lot to inspire here!

Designed by Ken Fulk.
Designed by Miles Redd. Featured in House Beautiful.
Designed by Gabriel Hendifar. Found on Shop Talk blog.
Designed by Gary Spain.
Styled by Sibella Court. Featured in House to Home.

Shoot Factory home. Found on Desire to Inspire.
Do you love this style? Or maybe there are just a few elements you would like to include in your own home?


  1. it...eclectic is the one words I can put my interior style down to.

  2. You chose some of my favorites and a few new ones, too! I'm a fan!

  3. I love it in someone else's home but i know , personally I would tire of the intensity. However, I always come away with a little inspiration from somewhere in each of the rooms. Thanks for sharing. G.x

  4. I love how luxurious they each feel. They might be a little too much for my house, but I can definitely see incorporating some of these elements.

  5. Hi Anna! Hope all is well! great images.... lots of inspiration.

  6. These rooms are great Anna! So much to inspire in each one. Have a lovely weekend :)

    Abbey x

  7. Love that saturated blue at the top!

  8. Love all of them! I'd probably pair it back a bit more in my own home but just love all these images!


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