Friday, November 30, 2012

Beautiful things from Rome (and a ring!)

I have to admit I adore Italy. The food is a favourite, and the architecture takes my breath away. Probably my favourite part though is just exploring; wandering down tiny alleyways, exploring little shops and turning the corner to discover another beautiful monument.
We spotted a beautiful bride very early in the morning at the Spanish Steps. Isn't her dress stunning?
I adored the chevron floors in the Colosseum. Who said chevron was a new trend?

The light filtering through the arches of the Colosseum was beautiful.  
I must have a thousand photos of pretty buildings. I just can't help myself when every corner has a perfectly curved arch, multi-paned window or beautiful balustrade.
What was I saying about buildings? The colours are rich and warm as well, a perfect complement to aging metal, rustic shutters and cobblestone streets.


Apart from beautiful brides, beautiful buildings and beautiful monuments, I did get one other thing...a beautiful ring!

It's all very exciting of course so you don't mind if I start sharing a little wedding inspiration here, do you?


  1. Hi Anna, ever since watching Under the Tuscan Sun I've wanted to go to Tuscany and one day I'll get there, Italy is a beautiful country. Congratulations on your engagement and feel fee to share all your wedding's an exciting time.I can't believe Chris and I have been married almost two years now and bub is due just three days before or enjoy all the prep a wedding involves and don't let it stress you out is the best advice I can give you.what masters is not that everything is perfect but that you have a wonderful day and a happy long lasting marriage....xo

    1. Wow sorry about my shocking spelling this morning but this auto correct on my phone is driving me mad...xo

  2. Congratulations! How exciting to be proposed to in Italy. We went to Italy for a month for our last hurrah before children, was hoping to fall pregnant there but took another few months. Would love to go back, with the kids this time, those Italians love children. Enjoy every minute of this wedding stuff, it is wonderful. Thanks for popping over to my blog too. mel x

  3. Congratulations! A memorable trip for you indeed!

  4. Yay! I'd love if you shared some wedding inspiration here too, that would be so fun and it's going to be a huge part of your life. Do you have an estimated date in mind?

  5. Awww, Rome is my favorite, absolutely gorgeous - an ancient city with modern buildings as well - fascinating. Well congratulations are in order!! How wonderful and the ring looks like an emerald cut?? Gorgeous - more photos please! xo

  6. Congratulations to you Anna and your fiance! To be proposed to in Rome! How very romantic! Will love following your plans for your wedding, I'm sure they'll be very stylish! x KL

  7. Congratulations to you my dear.... and of all places Rome... Rosie is very happy with a Rome proposal.... can't wait to see what a beautiful wedding you will create...

  8. Who would not choose Italy as their preferred holiday destination? Well, you actually did and it was a great choice. Congratulations!

  9. A proposal at the Collosseum??? Thats fantastic! Rome is such a beautiful city with the architecture, monuments and of course the gelato bars every where you look!!


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