Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Creative, colourful, affordable art - a new shop!

Well, I'm very, very excited to give you the first sneek peek into my online art and decor store! This has been buzzing around my brain for many months and it's so exciting to see it taking shape.

Art by Tilly and Girl. Design by Ethos Interiors. Photo by Naomi Abdilla.

I don't talk about it on the blog very often, but I've always been artistic (runs in the family) and this year I've started to paint and draw again. It started as a hobby and the opportunity to fill up a few empty walls in my house.

Art by Tilly and Girl. Design by Ethos Interiors. Photo by Naomi Abdilla.

Being an online decorator though, it began to frustrate me how difficult I found it to find art that was reasonably priced, original and featuring popular colours and style. Do you know how much trouble I had finding anything in mint for this display home project?!

Art by Tilly and Girl. Design by Ethos Interiors. Photo by Naomi Abdilla.

So the idea of an online art store began to develop, and Tilly&Girl was born. The idea is that periodically I will release a new collection that features art in styles, trends and colours that I have seen developing. The collections will feature original paintings, as well as prints in a variety of sizes. As time goes on I hope to add homewares, and art from other artists and crafters.

New collections will be added periodically, and the old ones removed as I feel they've collected a little too much dust. So if you love something, make sure you get your hot little hands on it before I take it down!

So, I hope you'll give a warm welcome to my new art store, Tilly & Girl...

I'll keep chatting about art and new collections here of course, but if you want to stay up to date, I'd love for you to pop over and like the new Tilly & Girl Facebook page too!


  1. Hi Anna, well you managed to keep you're artistic ability a secret very well though I don't know are so talented. I love that mint colour it's gorgeous.I admire all who can paint and draw as it's an ability I definitely did not inherit but wish I had as I can find it difficult to put ideas to paper.......congratulations and I'll pop over to your fb page and have a look xo

  2. Great idea , Anna! All the best with Tilly & Girl - though if the above painting is anything to go by, your online store will be a success in no time :)

  3. WOW all these pieces look so beautiful! Congratulations on this new endeavor!

  4. Beautiful painting - can't wait to see more - it's a bit of a tease though posting this when the store won't be open for a couple more weeks.

    1. Sorry Tina! But it wouldn't be any fun opening a store unless people were excited to see it :)

  5. It's nice Pic given hers. I like this all the Design.

    Bachelor in Fashion Design

  6. Well Anna, you know what I already think of those paintings even before I knew they were yours as I spotted them straight away as you know in your last post, it was the only thing I wanted to know about lol. I have been looking all over for something like this for my teenage daughters room, can't wait till store is up and running.


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