Friday, November 9, 2012

Having fun with gallery walls

Eclectic arrangements of paintings and prints is my favourite way to get maximum impact on a bare wall, and is the perfect way to display a lot of small pieces.

I'm working with a client at the moment, and she had a wonderful collection of original paintings from all the places she had lived during her life. Rather than hanging them individually around her small apartment, which would have felt cluttered, I suggested hanging them all together.

We didn't worry about matching frames or mats, and instead just hung them in an arrangement that felt like it 'just worked'. We haven't got any furniture in the room yet to give you a sense of scale, but this gallery wall covers a large proportion of the empty wall in her dining space.

The thing I love most about these arrangements is that you can add to them over time, and it will only become more interesting!

I was feeling particularly inspired after spotting these two beauties on Pinterest...
Charlotte Moss
Jonathan Adler Interior Design

I can't wait to share some more photos of this apartment with you. New furniture is arriving over the next two weeks!


  1. looks great anna. love gallery walls.

  2. I love how gallery walls like these look so relaxed and thrown together but in reality they are so tricky!

    Abbey x


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