Sunday, November 4, 2012

Pure, over the top glamour

The modern interpretation of Hollywood Regency fascinates me.It is bold, bright and the epitomy of high glamour. I think to really pull this style off completely you need to invest a lot of money; but adding a little of these elements to any home will give it a glamorous feel.

Kriste Michelini Interiors via The Aestate Tumblr

Bold clashing patterns are a must, along with some tufting and clinking glittering chandeliers. A little Chinoiserie inspiration never goes astray either, whether it be in furniture, wallpaper or textiles.

Featured on Neuvo Estilo.
Look at the space above. Could you fit any more cliches of interior glamour into one space? Gloss, gold, silver, chrome, animals skins, velvet curtains, lacquered walls...

Designed by Charlotte Moss.

I'm not sure I could live in any of these homes but they are quite beautiful to look at. Small jewelboxes of design! Would anyone like to try gloss/lacquered navy walls?

Would you like to live here?


  1. I have to admit, I'm not a huge fan of animal skins...but everything else...pure glamour indeed!!! I especially like the dark blue walls...but like you, couldn't live with it. I'd find I wanted to "brighten and lighten" it up a bit

  2. I would! I love this style and the patterns are glorious! I could possibly handle ONE room like the first picture - don't know about a whole house! Hope you are well! We are recovering from Hurricane Sandy here on the east coast, especially my home state of New Jersey - the Jersey shore has been irrevocably changed forever and my Dad just got his power back after 5 days!! He is 82 and I was quite worried - stay well!! ;-))

  3. Hi, that chandy in last pic is amazing!! still my heart. I wish I was brave enough to do navy walls!. This is my first visit here....I like it!!
    Allison :)

  4. That first image is amaze! I love this style but you are right when you call it 'over the top'. I think Kelly Wearstler really pulls off this style flawlessly.

  5. I have to admit that I think I kind of love that dining room with the navy walls! It's so different from what I normally like, and I think that is what intrigues me most about it.

  6. I love this look and would love to have a Zebra rug.And what is not to love about all that bling:). I seriously considered this look for our new apartment in Dubai. But I couldn't do it in the end. It is just too much for everyday. I have decided on a design with many of these elements but more subdued:)

  7. These are definitely a bit over-the-top for my liking, but I think that they are great to pull inspiration from. I could always be more bold with my decorating.

    <3 Melissa

  8. I don't know if I could live in it (it's all a bit jarring for me) but I love this kind of style in a formal sitting room or a hotel. Somewhere you can sit and have a glass of champagne (because these rooms call for champagne) and soak up all the glamour!


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