Thursday, November 8, 2012

The opposite of glamour - Beautiful yet relaxed

For interiors at the opposite spectrum of the extreme glamour I shared the other day, you only have to stop in the simplicity of a country home and let yourself breathe.

While it's not a style that I use often in my home, I do love to work with clients on country spaces. The rooms are unassuming, simple, warm and comfortable.

Featured in  Style at Home

The Painted Hive


  1. I really like both of these....I regularly visit The Painted Hive to check what's been happening...and it always looks great!

    As for the country kitchen...that's "ME"
    I love how it just says "relax"

  2. Hi Anna...I love this kitchen and have always preferred country houses as they are so inviting and warm and welcoming....and you're right country space are completely unassuming they're there for everyone to enjoy...have a great day xo


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