Monday, December 10, 2012

A kitchen with no bar stools

I have been getting the plans for the house finalised and while I am happy with the plan, I am having to revise my kitchen idea a little. I always assumed we would have bar stools at the kitchen island, like most kitchens.
Brunelleschi Construction

Looking at the space now though (it joins the dining room) I'm thinking we are better off with additional storage and not worrying about the bar stools. It is quite a narrow area, and bar stools will clutter the space physically and visually.

So, I've been looking for kitchens with islands designed without bar stools - it's harder than I thought!

House to Home


j witzel interior design

Now this option obviously does have bar stools, but I think it would look just as lovely without them, don't you agree?

Lonny Magazine

What are your thoughts? Have you ever had a kitchen without bar stools? I know I can live without them, because right now we don't even have an island!


  1. Hi Anna. I have had barstools once before and they drove me nuts. They were always uneven in height (till I removed the gas lift handle. Ha)and messy looking. I have also had an island with an upstand, sans stools and didn't miss them. I'm planning a no stool island upstairs but will 'hide' two discretely in the far end, out of the way visually and of traffic but useful for homework supervision. I think if a table is close by, any guest can still sit there and chat to me in the kitchen as they could on a stool.
    x KL

  2. I think that since your kitchen is open to an eating area anyways, you don't really need to sit and eat at the island! I think that if it makes more efficient sense to ditch the stools, then ditch em! Good luck

  3. Hi Anna, whileI've never hadan island I've almost always had a kitchen with enough bench space to put stools around and I love them. I prefer them for the breakfast run in the morning, it saves me taking the table cloth (yes I'm someone who still uses them) off a hundred times a day with grubby kidlets whether they're eating or colouring in. I think when you have stools it's just that tad more personal and intimate so sit and talk close together with our kids or friends and family. It could just be my amercian blood kicking in too, I don't have the space for stools here and I miss them...I guess it all comes down to personal preference....hope you can decide soon...xo

  4. Hi Anna, I don't have room for bar stools at the moment and I don't miss the stools from when we did. I haven't really thought about it until I read your post. Now I am thinking I will opt for storage instead. The stools were really ever used by the kids and when we entertained guests stood around and helped or mingled or sat on the deck. The pics all look good without a bar stool. KP

  5. Interesting question. I always just assumed if I had an island that I would have bar stools. But I really like the clean look in all those photos without them. Especially the House and Home kitchen...gorgeous.

  6. Hi Anna!
    This post has really had me thinking. Like Christina O, I've always just kind of assumed that if I had an island I would have bar stools. But the more I think about it, the more I agree that if the kitchen is open to an eating area, having chairs and stools would visually clutter the space. I went and had a look back through my inspiration pictures and found two (only!) of islands without stools that you might be interested in - I pinned them on my pinterest kitchens board (there are only four pins on there - I'm new to pinterest - so should be easy to find the right ones) if you wanted to check them out

  7. I don't really like bar stools anyway because I find them awfully uncomfortable. I don't really think they are necessary if you have a table so close by.

  8. It's a fascinating question, and I have enjoyed reading through the comments as well to see people's thoughts. I have had kitchens with and without, and reckon they both work well. Agree that guests are ALWAYS going to stand around in the kitchen anyway, no matter whether there are stools or not. About to move into a house without the option of stools - which will be a bit of a shock after 6 years of living with a huge kitchen with stools, and an adjacent butler's pantry to hide all the mess.

    I'm sure your kitchen will be gorgeous no matter what you do. xx

  9. Yes, many doesn't use bar stools. However, for me, having extra tall bar stools depends on the type of the kitchen you have and depends on the space for motion comfort.


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