Friday, December 14, 2012

Pretty Styling: A Relaxed Formula

An interiors shot I never grow tired of is vignettes. I find constant inspiration in this small pieces of a space; they can inspire a new vignette or even an entire room.
Ellie Somerville via Halcyon Style
My favourite style of vignette is those that feel personal, a little unstyled...a little thrown together. The epitomy of style, but you can still picture the person that lives there, rather than a magazine or catalogue.

Cassandra Lavalle via Cherish Toronto
You can't go wrong with books; they are so personal to the owner and a small piece of art is always perfect.

It doesn't matter what style you have, a pretty vignette will make your home feel polished, personal and finished. 

Southern Living Idea House via Wishful Thinking

Did you do any styling on the weekend? I'm looking forward to styling a special clients bookshelves next week!


  1. I'm doing some restyling to a tired old mirror and an old China lease of life here we come xo

  2. I love all these! I plan on doing a little Christmas styling for a party I am having this next week!

  3. So pretty. I can't wait to finish our remodeling, when I will actually be able to think about styling.

  4. oh these are all gorgeous shots - i'm a total sucker for a vignette also. Happy New Year Anna - hope 2013 is a fabulous one for you! x


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