Monday, December 17, 2012

Undersized Urbanite - Building your dream house!

Now, you might have noticed some little ads have popped up in my sidebar. I hope nobody minds but a special blogger asked if I could put up an ad for her, so I added a few more space so she wouldn't be lonely! If you're interested in advertising, see more info here.
Today I wanted to introduce to that special blogger. Her name is Christina and she's taking on a super fun blogging project for the rest of us to enjoy; the Undersized Urbanite. Remember the bloggers who participated in the I'm A Giant challenge and created their own dollhouses? Well they never kept it up, so Christina has volunteered herself to take on a similar challenge! The best part? This time you can actually win a prize!
I may be having a go at this as I have a dollhouse from my childhood hiding away somewhere, and it would be nice to actually make some progress on some 'renovations', since my real house isn't going well at the moment!

Some inspiration for you from some amazing dollhouses...

Chinoiserie Chic


White Owl
The Undersized Urbanite isn't necessarily about expert dollhouse building, but just having a go and creating your dream house in miniature. Have a go, and visit Christina!



  1. Thank you so much for the lovely post!

  2. This sounds great. I'll head over to her site and check it out right now. Thank you for sharing it!!!

  3. White Owl is beautiful!


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