Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Loving green and yellow

It is, of course, the Olympics at the moment so I thought I would share my love for all things Australian with a round up of green and gold spaces for you!

Apartment Therapy House Tour

Maria Barros

Siren Lauvdal. Via purple area.

Palmer Weiss

Country Living

 Green and yellow is such a fresh and cheerful colour scheme. What do you think?

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

My favourite bedrooms...eclectic & inspirational

I'm not making any progress on the renovations at home at the moment, so instead I'm dreaming of my future (finished) bedroom. I see so many decorating ideas every day sometimes it's hard to remember what my style really is. There are always a few spaces that stick me constantly though...the ones I can't stop thinking about.

This bedroom has been haunting me for weeks since I saw it. The white tongue & groove walls, the oversized abstract, the bold colourblocked bedding, the brass wall lamps. I love it all!

Martha Stewart
 I have loved this bedroom for a long, long time. The bold yellow bed against the silver grasscoth is divine. I love the nightstand, the unusual green and yellow colour scheme and the bold art choices.

Bedroom of Kate & Andy Spade (see more of their house on The Selby)

This bedroom certainly did the blog rounds for a while and I can see why. I love the cheerful aqua walls, the floral headboard and lacquered red nightstands. That black and white bedding with the emerald throw pillow really speaks to me!

Designed by Nick Olsen.
I have to admit this bedroom isn't my favourite but there is something about it that appeals. I particularly adore the glass lamps, floral headboard and mirrored nightstands.

Designed by Eileen Kathryn Boyd. Featured in Lonny.
 This is another favourite, although a little less bright than the others. The dark grey curtains against the crisp floral headboard is so gorgeous. The mix of patterns is also perfect; chevron, floral, geometrics.

Designed by Tommy Smythe. Featured on Mix and Chic.

Finally, I'm completely in love with this headboard. It really is stunning! I would happily take the white nightstands and brass x-benches as well. The other thing I love about this room? Notice the radiator in the corner - you don't even pay attention to it because you're so taken up with the headboard focal point. If you can't hide things, distract the eye from them!

Featured in House & Home Jan 2010.

Are any of these on your list of favourites? Are you haunted by interiors (or is that just crazy me?!)

Friday, July 20, 2012

Minimalist, modern art...what's your verdict?

Every so often I notice a room that has great style and a piece of true minimalist modern art. Sometimes I love it, sometimes I think it works with the room and other times I think it just looks a bit underdone!

So I'm looking for your verdict! Do you love this look? Always or sometimes? Or is it just not for you?

If you do like it, would you purchase a piece like this? Or do you feel like it's more of a DIY job?

Designed by Randy Powers. Painting by Helen Frankenthaler.

Designer Michael Smith.

Bits of  Breezy Blog
Good Bones Great Pieces via the Aesthate
by Incorporated

Would love to hear your thoughts!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

My Next House...Gloss white kitchen inspiration

My next house will be a little more modern than the current one, and while I've always been a fan of classic kitchens I want to do something a bit more glamorous and contemporary in the next place.

I'm thinking glossy white cabinets, some kind of gorgeous textural splashback and gorgeous lighting.

This is one of my favourites; the gloss white cabinetry against the gorgeous chevron tiled splashback is stunning, yet still neutral enough for re-sale I think.

Designed by Chroma Express

 The lighting here is just spectacular and I love the wallpapered open shelf. The industrial stools are rather gorgeous too! I love the use of chains for the pendants as well, a lovely detail.

I am completely in love with the cabinetry in this kitchen! I'm actually loving this layout too; a tall bank of cabinets on one side with the cooktop on the other.

Photographed by Marili Forastieri. Featured on Desire to Inspire.

Another very white space but I love the splash and the double set of upper cabinets is an amazing idea (although probably out of the budget at the moment). I would love to see this space with some more dramatic pendants...

Designed by Gunkelman Flesher. Featured on Loft Life.

This lovely is a little more classic but I love how the glossy finish and shiny kicks gives it a contemporary finish.

Designed by Thomas Hamel.

You can't see much of the kitchen here but I completely adore the idea of glossy white contemporary cabinetry, with a bank of more classic dark timber cabinets.

Featured on Canadian House & Home
And finally, here's another lovely that mixes mosiac tiles, contemporary cabinetry and beautiful traditional tapware.

Coastal Living Idea House
Do any of these kitchens appeal to you? What are your favourite features?

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Is anyone tired of tufted headboards yet?

I'm about to start the process of building a tufted headboard for a job I'm working on. The room is all finished apart from this one essential element and I can't wait to see it in place. It will be a shallow tufted option of the more contemporary style, and to keep me motivated while I drill holes and cover buttons, here are a few recent favourites in the tufted world!

This one is similar to the design I will be using - shallow tufted with a contemporary profile (but mine is going to be a bit of a brighter colour!). I've always liked this bedroom and it's unusual colour scheme of orange and khaki.

Zoldan Interiors

This room is very much appealing to my current love with bright whites and bold colours. I think the rain combined with my lacking-in-natural-light house has me craving for something brighter!

Marcus Design

Isn't all that chocolate tufting just perfect for adding texture to a simple space? This is a lovely neutral room with lots of layered tones and textures to create an inviting and relaxing room.

Alice Lane

Here's a modern, glam DIY version for you. White headboards are lovely against grey walls and I'm rather in love with that lamp base as well.

Thrifty & Chic

Yum I love this example! The curved shape with all those buttons is rather gorgeous, especially against the industrial painted brick wall.

Nicky Kehoe
Well back to work. Hopefully I will be able to share some photos with you in a few weeks!

Friday, July 13, 2012

A thank you to...

I just wanted to tell you all about the latest Ethos Design news and features! A very big thank you to anyone who has been featuring, reviewing or even mentioning Ethos Design on blogs, magazines and websites. It makes my day everytime  and I'll be forever grateful to everyone who shows so much support for my little business! 

If you follow along on Twitter or Facebook you probably know this already, but you can know see my custom interiors work over at the HGTV Designer's Portfolio. I'm finishing up a project at the moment which will be added to my portfolio there in the next month or two.

The lovely ladies at Aussie mag 'Ivy and Piper' were also kind enough to mention me in their 'About Town' section in the latest issue. Make sure you subscribe to this mag by the way - one of my favourite online decorating magazines with gorgeous colourful spaces!

And finally, lots of love sent to all the amazing bloggers that have been reviewing my Design Kits for me this year! And for any of you that want a peek as to what exactly a Design Kit includes, make sure you visit because they often share their whole kit! Here are a few recent reviews which I haven't shared with you yet...

I helped Amy from It's Overflowing come up with a design for her young boys' bedroom. She loves transitional style, classic neutrals and a touch of rustic design, and already had most of the furniture pieces.

Transitional Boys Bedroom
at It's Overflowing

Lisa from Life as we know it had some great furniture and had just painted her walls in a soft duck egg blue but hadn't quite finished off her open plan living and dining room. I suggested some new rugs, accessories and finishing touches to give her the look she was after.

Whimsical Living Room Update
at Life as We Know It

My Pigeon Pair also shared her Design Kit on her living and dining space. Once again I used her existing furniture and helped her add some fresh new accessories to give her room some much needed colour and character.

An updating open plan space.
at My Pigeon Pair.

Over at Life on Mars, Maury shared some of the Design Kit where I helped her create a traditional, formal red dining room.

Traditional Dining Room
at Life on Mars

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Vignettes and styling...cool coffee tables

I love coffee tables (or ottomans) and always always use them. I just don't think a living room looks complete without them, even without the obvious functional uses!

Styling a coffee table can be tricky though; the vignette generally needs to be lower in height, and pretty from all angles. There's no walls to lean against so everything must be freestanding.
Emily Ruddo's home. Featured on The Lennoxx.
A tray is a great way to make a coffee table work beautifully. It corrals knick knacks and gives them 'purpose'. I also love the use of taller vase or flowers to give the vignette real impact.

Feasby and Bleeks Design. Featured on Style at Home.

I find with square or rectangular coffee tables it can be easier if you divide the space into a grid. The coffee table below has a group of items in each 'square'; flowers in one, a stack of books in the other and so on.

Studio Ten 25

Here's another example, with a central group of flowers. Here, the stacks of books serve as a great alternative to a tray to group small items.

Featured in Lonny Mag.
This coffee table is a little more ecclectic, with a scattering or objects. Love the tall glass vases here!
(Sub)urban Home store.

Do you have a favourite formula for your coffee table? Any favourites above?

Monday, July 9, 2012

A few peeks at my home through Instagram

Well I've had a busy few weeks recently but I have done my best to take part in Jen's Interiors Addict 'Interiors Photo Month' on Instagram. I am always disappointed with my photos though - I don't have an iPhone and my camera just doesn't take as nice photos, especially in my very dark house!

But here a few peeks at my week for you...

Here is my little vintage loveseat (above). The mustard yellow upholstery wasin a good condition but has been gradually looking a bit beat-up thanks to regular use and two small dogs! This is part of a three piece set I have - the loveseat, a Gentleman's wingchair (high back) and a ladies chair with a low back. The plan is to upholster them but I have never got there yet!

Above is a closeup which is a more accurate picture of the colours. I love mustard yellow but these sofas have a touch too much brown for me to really love them as they are! The throw is a black and white blanket I picked up in Morocco. They are beautiful soft wool which they use for everything from throws to rugs to table cloths.

Remember the chandelier I found all that time ago? Well I have finished spraypainting it and ended up choosing a metallic gunmetal shade. It really highlights the detail of the piece. Just waiting for the electrician to hang it for me now!

A peek at another part of my kitchen. I have been gradually adding little vignettes all around the top of my cabinets, using art and a few accessories. It looks much more homely and pretty than when it was empty!

This is my latest find; a little timber side table. It has a white top with a pressed metal edge. I think I'm going to paint the timber legs a gloss white. Oh, and the tray is sitting on the bottom ledge; not part of the table!

I haven't been sharing many photos of my house recently because I can never seem to find a space that is finished. Hopefully this will share a little more of my place until I can finally get a room completed!

If you want more sneek peeks at my place, you can find me on instagram as 'ethosdesign'.


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