Thursday, August 30, 2012

For the love of drama - black bookcases!

If you're lucky enough to have built-in shelving or are planning on it the general instinct is to paint it white. I agree that's often my first though too; white is clean, white is neutral and white is simple.

But, every so often I have a desire for some drama in a space, and nothing creates drama in a beautiful interior space like a great dose of black. So, if you need a little drama in your life, why not paint those shelves as dark as you dare?

Can't find the designer but you can see the
blog source here.

Home of Chelsea Cefai

Mim Design

Michele Bonan

Nixon Tulloch Fortey Architecture
Is this a look you would try in your own home? I would love to if I had any bookshelves!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Updating my bathroom on a budget

I've decided a year is long enough to live with my ugly bathroom! I need to make some budget-friendly changes until we can do a full renovation. To be honest, the bathroom isn't that bad and it certainly isn't as terrible as some bathrooms I've seen in old Queenslanders!

Here is what I'm working with (taken on move in day).

Apart from the grey stripe running through the pebbles (see the floor above?) the worst thing about the room is probably the dingy cream wall colour and the cheesy 90s feature tile!

My goal is to update and clean up the bathrom before I go away (three weeks - eeek!) working with what's there and thanking the magic of paint! Here's the plan...

I'll keep you updated as I start of course, and will share the photos of Step 1 soon - painting the walls (I still can't believe how much difference just that made!).

Friday, August 24, 2012

I'm going away (and a discount for my special readers!)

I am very excited to be able to say that this time next month I will be exploring canals in Venice and tasting wine in Hungary.

Freedom Bridge, Budapest, Hungary
Venice, Italy
Pretty exciting right!?

What that does mean though, is if anyone would like a Design Kit you only have one month to get organised before I leave for five weeks!

Since I'm excited about this trip, I'm offering all my special readers the chance to get in quick with your Design Kit, and receive 15% off the total price with the code:

There are limited spots open on my waiting list so make sure you send me an email to get started! As always, if you do have any questions about how the process works just contact me!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Feature Home: Vintage Modern Apartment

A new house tour for you today. This apartment is small but stylish and has a great mix of mid-century modern, feminine and quirky pieces in a dozen shades of blues.

All photos via Style at Home.

There are lots of elements of this apartment I like from the interesting art and layers of monochrome blue. The mix of graphic patterns in the curtains are gorgeous and quirky, and the mix of patterns in the bedrooms are a perfect example of layering patterns.

Any favourites for you?

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Fashionable Feature: Modern, vintage style

I have a certain weakness for flared skirts and high waists and an awful lot of my wardrobe has a certain vintage inspiration.

So of course, when I discovered it caused a little excitement! There are too many gorgeous pieces to cover them but these are two favourites, and what I would pair them with.

Above: Luck be a Lady Dress in Beach from $74.99
Grey 'Cameo' flats from Novo $49.95
Coral 'Bolt' Tote from Colette  $59.95
Grey chunky agate necklace from PrairieIce $90
Leather and gold bracelets from TooTimJewelcessory $25

Above: 'Errand Go Bragh' dress from Modcloth $52.99
'Charlotte' blazer from Forcast $79.95
Nude 'Marley' tote from Colette $59.95
Green and black silk scarf from Periay $22
Nude 'Token' pumps from Betts $67.49
'Bernadette' earrings from Forcast $12.95

 Are you a fan of vintage style or do you prefer something more edgy?

Friday, August 17, 2012

Some new DIY projects to pin

Pinterest is a great source for collecting inspirational photos of DIY projects and I have a whole board devoted to them. The blogging world is a pretty creative place and the incredible projects people come up with never cease to amaze!

These are a few recent pins that caught my eye...

Country Living


Vintage Chic

Domestic Imperfection

Design Sponge

 Now, get pinning (and making of course!).


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

It's all in the hardware

As you might have guessed by now, I am in the initial stages of designing a home for myself! Hopefully I will have a plan and some more details to share with you but for now I'm happy filling my brain (and Pinterest board) with ideas.

Although I want gloss white kitchen cupboards (like my kitchen post back here) I do want to do some kind of interesting and unique handle. After all, good design is in the details!

The chunky brass handles on the pantry are amazing and the campaign hardware is gorgeous too.
Ikea kitchen. Via Scandinavian Chic.
A deep bronze finger pull is contemporary, yet still different. I can't find bronze hardware anywhere in Australia. I'm beginning to wonder whether spraypaint would hold up if done correctly? Any ideas?

Designed by Chroma Express

I posted this last time but I really adore the recessed finger pulls as handles. They have an industrial edge that I like.

Photographed by Marili Forastieri. Featured on Desire to Inspire.

Restoration Hardware sells some similar to these with chrome supports and glass or lucite handles. So gorgeous but probably out of budget!

Cohen & Hacker

These pretty brushed brass finger pulls are lovely and simple...

Jen from Made by Girl

What's your thoughts? Any suggestions on where to get reasonably priced, but gorgeous kitchen hardware?


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Is anyone looking for a sofa?

One of my ever so lovely clients has downsized to an apartment.  As a result, we can't squeeze in her beautiful modern chaise sofa anymore and need to sell it.

It's a fantastic modern piece with a greeny/chartreuse undertone and clean lines. It is in beautiful condition and has barely been used. She bought it for about $3000 but is willing to let it go to a good home for only $900.

If you're interested please email me!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Using cow hide rugs

It took me a long time to decide whether or not I liked cow hides for rugs. Initially they conjured up images of country ranches, rather than anything sophisticated or modern. The more I've seen them though, the more they've grown on me.

Via Nordic Design blog.
It still surprises me how versatile the piece can be and I've seen them work in everything from industrial lofts to classic living rooms. These are some spaces where I think the cow hide really works...

Canadian House & Home

Holly Mathis Interiors

Via Nordic Design blog.

Peter Dunham Design. Via High Street Market.

Dana Walter Interiors

What do you think of these? And, how do you feel about using animal products like hides and leather in interiors?


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