Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A client's house finished

Last year I helped a very lovely client in Victoria choose the colours for the interior and exterior of her new modern 'beach house' using one of my online Design Kits.

Recently I asked if I could share her Design Kit on my new website (coming soon) and she was kind enough to send me some new pictures. I had to share these because I think the house looks incredible (and don't you just adore her landscaping as well?).

What do you think? I think she should be very proud of her beautiful new home. Perhaps I'll ask if I can move in with them!


  1. It looks fabulous, very Australian looking! I love it - ;-)

  2. Love the colour choices - perfect for coastal living. Well done Anna and Client! xx

  3. I love it Anna!

    I also used to have a blue-hued house with a bright yellow door .. I loved it so much! x

  4. It looks amazing! Just awesome! :)

  5. Anna this looks amazing - wonderful job! Completely fits the modern beach house brief :)
    K xx

  6. Wow- the colors are gorgeous! Great choices. I would want to move in, too! :)

  7. Love the design & I love the colours - great job Anna!

  8. Gorgeous. I love the whole thing and agree the landscaping is brilliant.


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