Thursday, February 28, 2013

Pretty garden sheds

Well the design of the new house is progressing slowly but surely. I have been so excited about these plans until I started thinking about projects (and by projects, I mean me sanding, paintings and playing with furniture pieces). While we will have a single carport/garage space, there won't be any storage for tools and paint which seems like a rather big issue.

Better Homes & Gardens

The next solution was a garden shed, but since it would need to be quite large...and our yard is quite small, I didn't want a large tin shed sitting in the middle of the backyard where our entertaining area is.

Via Mom's Turf. Originally from Hus&Hem.

So, a solution I'm considering (and dreaming of) is having the builder build a pretty shed/studio in the backyard with the same cladding and roof as the house. I can add a pretty pair of salvaged French doors and create a space that is half storage and garden shed, and half project room for refinishing furniture.

Via Paper Stitch blog.

I love all these pretty little sheds but haven't looked into the technical aspects of it. Has anyone in Australia tried to build something like this? Any advice on council etc?


  1. These are such adorable sheds! I have been looking for Garages and Sheds for my house. I want two of both. This way I can park the cars in one garage and have one be storage. The same with the sheds, one for garden supplies, and one for the kids. Thanks so much for these cute pictures.

  2. Stop making me jealous!! :D

    Have you seen my greenhouse? I was a bit lucky though as it came with the property:

    I also have a board dedicated if you want to take a peek:

  3. These model sheds are all great. But the vote goes to the third one - a shed with that cosy red chair. :) Perhaps you can find sheds for sale a lot similar like these structures you liked. That way, you really do not have to work on the technical aspects.


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