Saturday, April 20, 2013

Fashionable Feature: Working in winter!

Townsville's 'winter' is finally approaching and I can't wait to pull out my warm winter clothes. For those that don't live in Townsville, the idea of winter here is a bit of a joke, but it's cold enough for me!

I've finally found my perfect black blazer (from Forcast if anyone is looking), along with a gorgeous black tweed jacket I bought in Europe last year, so I'm looking forward to creating some pretty winter outfits.

Still searching for some perfect black cropped pants though...

I really need to work on my scarf tying I think! Wool scarves are far too warm for Townsville but I could definitely try a pretty silk one.


Just some random fashion inspiration! If you like I save everything to my fashion Pinterest board.


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  1. Anna...when I first moved to Brisbane, many years ago, I couldn't believe the stores had winter coats and gloves for sale! But then, after I'd lived there a little while, I realised you just got used to it! I can understand your need to have some "cosy" outfits for Winter Melbourne, it's a different story!!!!! LOL


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