Friday, October 25, 2013

My bathroom design...white mosaics

I recently picked the tiles for the new house and thought it was about time I shared the plans for my bathroom! We will only have one bathroom in our little house (it's a two way design, accessibly from the master bedroom and the hallway). It's the only place I've splurged a little on the 'standard' allowances we get with the builder but we decided it was worth splurging here as the only bathroom in the house.

We squeezed in a little extra space by building out to the eave. This means the ceiling of the bathroom will be lowered compared to the rest of the house to allow for a beam to run through above the shower. It is only about 100mm difference (from 2700mm elsewhere to 260mm in the bathroom) so I'm not too worried.

We went for a luxurious walk-in shower since we weren't keen on a bathtub (we only had room for a shower over bath combo which we didn't want). A tall double hung window at the end of the shower should let in the natural light.

I love this layout because it allows the vanity to be the first thing you see when you enter; the perfect focal point!

I was originally going to put some very shallow built in shelves on that little wall between the two doorways, but we don't really need the storage. Instead, I'm going to have a recessed ironing board cabinet. Since our laundry is out in the garage, this gives me a nice spot to get ready that's near the WIR. The ironing cabinet will be recessed into the wall and I'm going to frame it out with some pretty wooden trim to finish it off. I've even been brainstorming ideas on how to hide it completely - maybe even painting an abstract painting on the door so it looks like a piece of art?

Here's my moodboard so far...

We started with the hexagonal floor tiles which I spotted at Beaumont Tiles in Townsville months ago (it can be terrible planning a bathroom when you're in the tile shop every week for clients!). This is my main area to splurge - the tile itself is more expensive than the standard price range, and it will also cost more to lay, but I think it's worth it!

Rather than the good old subway tile, I chose a gloss white tile in a 250x400mm size, and are going to lay it in a brick pattern, but vertically. I've never tried this before but am so excited to see the effect with a darker grout.

A lovely traditional style vanity, vintage mirror (still haven't found one yet) and a brass picture light for the vanity area.

A contemporary pendant will give me a modern contrast, and some fun hooks like these from Anthropologie for towels should finish the space off.

Now I just need to decide whether to keep the rest of the walls light and bright (the area outside the shower will be plastered walls, not tiled) or try something really fun like wallpaper or stencils!

This bathroom from Lonny made me smile when I saw first spotted it...

Lisa Sherry Interieurs, Featured in Lonny


  1. It looks lovely and yes, always good to splurge a little and upgrade from the builder's choices, which are usually quite boring. Can't wait to see the progress! Have a lovely weekend in Australia! ;-) xo

  2. Love your tile selection, should look gorgeous in there. BTW I have a wallmounted iron station from Robinhood and am really happy with it but just in case you were using this one, bear in mind while it is recessed into the wall it still does stick out about 10 cm so may be tricky to conceal. mel x

  3. Love the tile choices and floor plan anna though not sure on ironing in the bathroom, particularly when it's the only one and sure to be busy! ?

    1. There's only two of us in the house KL - so we are quite happy to walk in when someone is in the shower!

      I did look at lowering the ceiling of just the shower area but didn't like the look of the drop down, so we lowered the whole ceiling instead. So many little decisions when building!

    2. Ah..that makes it easier! I agree with the myriad decisions....and one always leads to 10 more!

  4. Just another thought too, would you consider just lowering the ceiling through the shower section? It' a shame to loose any height, especially in a small room. Just my two-bob.....

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  7. I think it's so hard to do one's own bathroom when one is a designer…we make the worst clients! As you say, it's terrible when one is surrounded by fabulous things all the time…good on you for knowing what you like.

    Often do tiles in a brick pattern on a vertical stack like that, and it looks splendid…great for making the ceiling appear higher, which should neutralise your slighter lower ceiling height from the rest of the house.


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