Friday, March 21, 2014

New to my portfolio - a creative office...

I have recently been working on a really fun project that has involved everything from party lights to cable reels. A local technology firm in Townsville contracted me to take their leased office (which was already one of the more creative offices in the city) and give it an industrial, creative and unique look, designed to inspire their engineers and developers.

There are lots more photos to come, but I had to share one of the 'break-out rooms', and the boardroom.


I wouldn't mind working here, would you? 


  1. That's fantastic. It's always bothered me how ugly corporate offices are, especially over here in the US. I always daydreamed about decorating the ones I used to work in...while I should have been working. :)

    Your design looks great. Do you think you'll be doing more offices in the future?

  2. I wouldn't, very stunning, I love the glass table - looking forward to more pics! have a great week! ;-)

  3. Beautiful work as usual Anna, I love it, especially the clever use of the cable reel as a table!!


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