Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A few little updates at home

They always say that a carpenter's home always needs work and I can confidently say that an interior designer's house is never fully decorated either! Between work, and small renovations still going on, I never seem to get the chance to just decorate at home. 

This weekend I finally had a couple of hours free to play around with some new styling at home! Here's a peek at our living room which is finally coming together with a new sofa and coffee table. The coffee table books are albums I've made using the Kikki.K system. They have turned out absolutely stunning and I plan to do one each year and for each holiday!

Our new sofa is not-so-new but I've just finished re-upholstering it in navy velvet. The cushions still need work to get them perfect but it's an enormous improvement over what we had!

My favourite part of the house is the gorgeous casement windows. They offer wonderful privacy and the dimpled glass provides the prettiest soft light. These wooden armchairs were my 18th birthday present from my Mum.

I also bought a black console table from Freedom before the Christmas holidays which sits in our entry, topped with a gold mirror from Vast Interior. I changed the knobs (which are already pretty ceramic ones) for some I had in red for a bolder pop of colour.

The dresser (above left and below) is a stunning antique piece borrowed from family for some extra storage. The photos above are from various holidays together. My favourite ghost chair sits here, close to the kitchen/dining, for extra seating when required. You can peek through here to the living room and see where we extended the doorway - we haven't had the floors polished yet.

Finally, here's a little peek of our bedroom at the moment. This mirror is another find from Vast Interior ('scuse the smudges) and will have pride of place in the new house as the vanity mirror. You can see the original bathroom plan here.

If you would like to know sources for anything, please just ask!


  1. Lovely! I love the ghost chair. I've always wanted one.

  2. Looks beautiful Anna, and I hear you about the Interior Designer who never decorates!! I have a severe lack of cushions in my house. Always the last thing on the list. Pretty vignettes also don't get a big look in either... I think I'm always too busy looking at other (major) projects...
    Love the shape of that navy sofa too.

  3. Oh I love your wooden armchairs so much! I have been looking for some like this for years and found some in silky oak the weekend we were moving house and missed out on them and have not found any since. Nothing worse than pining over the ebay purchase that got away! Your place is looking lovely. mel x

  4. Beautiful, I LOVE that console table - very elegant. And the sofa in navy blue - gorge! Hope you are having a fantastic weekend in Australia!! ;-)


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