Thursday, April 10, 2014

A new quilt cover!

Have you seen the Just Bedding website? They have some great designs, and a few brands that I can't access in Townsville usually. My only negative on the whole site is I wish you could make the pictures bigger, but that seems to be a standard with lots of bedding sites.

I wanted to try a classic striped design, and ordered the Sandler quilt in Navy. I threw together two quick looks in the guest room the other day (and I mean quick - please excuse the un-ironed bedding!).

This style felt a little more masculine, and would work equally well for everyone from a teenage boy's room to a classic 'Ralph Lauren' style space.

I love reversible quilt covers, as it means I can switch out the look of the room easily. Personally, I probably preferred the narrow ticking style stripe on the reverse, which works better with more feminine accents.

If you're looking for a new quilt cover, I put together some of my favourites from for you to have a look at. I've always gone for neutrals in the past, but I am loving experimenting with some brights...

1. Aurora Jewel Quilt by Logan & Mason.
2. Ashwell Multi Quilt by Deco City Living
3. Lauren Multi Quilt by KS Studio
4. In Bloom Quilt by Lux
5. Noosa Blue Quilt by Logan & Mason
6. Torquay Green Quilt by ShutEye

 But if you're after something more neutral, I have you covered...
1. Allambra Dove Quilt by Logan & Mason
2. Bianca Quilt by Lux  3. Monique Quilt by Lux
4. Shelby Taupe by Logan & Mason
5. Zara Champagne by Platinum Collection
6. Barclay White Quilt by Private Collection

So, do you have a bold or neutral quilt personality? Any favourites you see there?

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  1. So pretty! I love the textured neutral ones: 2 & 6.


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